PowerFolder 4.1.3

PowerFolder is your secure, fast and reliable, sync, share, access and backup tool. It exchanges your data encrypted and direct between your computers, online and in LAN.


  • Synchronize files between multiple computers across Windows, Mac and Linux. PowerFolder automatically keeps the latest version of your files always available everywhere you need them – online, in LAN or via VPN. It’s easy to setup and silently works in background. Since PowerFolder can synchronize directly between computers it is independent of any service provider and allows to sync unlimited amount data
  • Share documents with business partners, clients or within your company. Push the collaboration button and instantly connect teams with PowerFolder. Automatically or on demand. Online or in local network. Simple, Safe and Secure.
  • Backup important data scheduled or continuous. Securely restore them on demand. Online or Local. Onsite or Offsite. Protect your business from hazards like viruses, hardware failures, natural disasters or human errors. PowerFolder Cloud Solutions minimizes the backup timeframe from days to minutes.
  • Access your Files – Anywhere at Anytime. Simply login at PowerFolder.com and access the online copy of your files via web browser. This optional feature gives you the maximum accessibility with maximum security. All data is stored encrypted, transferred encrypted and only available to you or people you invite. The side effect: You files are always backed up. It’s a worry free solution 

What's New

  • It fixes the file browser problem some users experienced while
    trying to add a custom directory to sync.
  • It also include serveral
    other minor bugfixes.


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