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Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security, Comodo’s award-winning free security suite, offers prevention-based, Default Deny Protection (DDP) technology to prevent malware in your PC. Conventional security suites ignore prevention, focusing only on the eventual detection of viruses. Basically, this means that it will allow all applications to access your PC resources by default as long as the application is not on your security software’s blacklist of already known malware. Comodo Internet Security includes an extensive white-list of safe executables called the ‘Comodo Safe-List Database’. This database checks the integrity of every file and application asking for access to your PC. Comodo Internet Security will alert you of potentially damaging applications before they are installed. This is a ground-breaking method of protecting your PC. Traditionally firewalls only detect harmful applications from a blacklist of known malware – often-missing new forms of malware that are being created and launched daily. Comodo Internet Security is continually updated and currently almost 3,000,000 applications are in Comodo Safe list, representing virtually one of the largest safe lists within the security industry. Put simply, the good stuff gets in, and the bad stuff gets nowhere near your PC’s insides. Our latest version includes both DNS protection, to make sure the URLs you visit are safe, and the option oh installing the HopSurf toolbar, a new and innovative way to surf the Web. Comodo Internet Security is now available in 15 different languages, and comes included with a free 30 day trial of LivePCSupport. Best of all, it’s free for life.

Comodo claim that their firewall is unique in that it passes all known leak tests to ensure the integrity of data entering and exiting your system. Comodo has put firewall through all kinds of sophisticated tests to ensure its firewall powerful enough to ward off these attacks with default settings. No other firewall has had to work this hard.

  • Features

    • Defends your PC from Internet attacks

    • Gain complete control what runs on your PC

    • Prevents malware from ever being installed

    • Automatic updates for the latest protection

    • Winner of’s Editor’s Choice Award

System Requirements:

  • XP (SP2) / Vista 32 bit

  • 64 MB RAM

  • 150 MB hard disk space

What's New

  • Removed some of the reasons that make AV to report false positives
  • Addressed some bugs that cause intermittent crashes of the GUI and the helper service
  • CIS causes high DPC latency after prolonged time of heavy network traffic


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