FlashConv 1.3

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FlashConv 1.3

FlashConv is a recently released application which converts video to flash. FlashConv supports almost all source video formats (avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, mov, asf, mp4, etc.) and transforms them into swf and flv flash formats. As a result, you get a high-quality flash file ready for Internet streaming.

The tool has a very simple interface so you won’t have any problems while managing FlashConv.

The conversion process is really easy. At first, select input file and output file format. FlashConv converts movie into flash SWF and flash stream video (FLV). Push special icons and you’ll see a list of input (movie) or output (flash) files. Secondly, select audio/video settings. Video Settings consist of: 1. Quality. 2. Framerate, or amount of pictures (frames) one second of video or audio contains. Normally used acronym for framerate is fps – frames per second. For example, in European system it’s 25fps. 3. Key frame, or single still image in an animated sequence that occurs at an important point in that sequence. 4. Size, i.e. width and height of a movie. Audio settings also contain quality, and compression (a process of manipulating the dynamic range of an audio signal. The compression is used to improve the perceived volume of audio. There’s another useful feature such as the function to disable sound! So, you are able to watch the movie without any sound.


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