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Fifteen Magic 1.41

Fifteen Magic is a Windows 95/98/Me/XP/Vista based implementation of
the classic Fifteen Puzzle dating back to the 1800’s. When the "New
Game" command button is left clicked, the 15 numbered squares are
randomly shuffled and the objective is to restore the 4×4 grid to its
original state. Left clicking any square horizontally or vertically
adjacent to the empty yellow square causes it to move to that empty
square. The challenge is to figure out a series of such moves to
achieve the desired objective.

As soon as the squares have been randomly shuffle gameby left clicking
the "New Game" button, a timer is made visible to show the time it is
taking to solve the puzzle. The "top ten" times are retained in the
"Hall of Fame" and you will be invited to input your name if your time
is sufficiently good.

At any time you may quit the game being played by left clicking the
"Give Up" button and you may also inspect the entries in the Hall of
Fame by left clicking the "Hall of Fame" button.

There is a "Show Me!" button which you may left-click to obtain the
program’s recommended next move. Left clicking this button repeatedly
will solve the game for you. As soon as the "Show Me!" button is used,
the timer is turned off for obvious reasons. You may also alternate
between making moves yourself and using the "Show Me!" button.




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