Xfire 1.122 Build 41783

6.3 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Xfire is a IM client designed specifically for gamers. It is free, compatible with operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The software allows:

  • To know what contacts are online and see what game they play
  • To reach his contacts in one click
  • To access the information on a server: game type, map name, ping, etc..
  • Converse without leave the game making the combination [Alt + Tab]
  • In conversations with the voices
  • Download latest mods, fixes and presentations video
  • Create profiles with the automatic statistics for games

Over 800 sets online are supported by Xfire. The list of securities with features available for each is available on home page

What's New

· Added a notification in Xfire In-Game when you receive a friend invite allowing you to respond at your leisure.
· Fixed many small issues with the Twitter integration.
· Added the *beta* ability in Xfire In-Game to control iTunes and Windows Media Player. Press Scroll Lock + M to try it out.
· Added several mouse cursors in Xfire In-Game that change based on what it is pointing at (hand for links, etc.)
· The push-to-talk key is now used to answer voice calls in Xfire In-Game.
· New games supported


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