SBK08: Superbike World Championship

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SBK08: Superbike World Championship

The SBK World Championship becomes again protagonist with SBK08, available for NextGen consoles: the intuitive gameplay gives a complete and gratifying game emotion on all the circuits and the new bike setting feature greatly increases the realism in the riding experience, from Full Arcade level to Extreme Simulation.

The Simulation mode aims at capturing the interest of all the bike enthusiasts, those who know their stuff on every single bike settings; Arcade mode leads players to a pick up and play riding challenge, allowing all the non-professionals to have fun and improve their skill by playing.

22 bikes and 22 riders in their Official Teams, ready to challenge you in 6 game modes: Quick Race, Instant Action, Time Attack, Challenges other than Championship and Race Weekend, characterized by 4 different variable weather conditions. The 2008 outstanding new feature is the hyper-realistic 3D-rendered pit, where technicians and race engineers will help the player to choose among 16 different bike setting options and fine tuning the performance of the motorbike with the use of Telemetry.


  • Teams, riders and circuits of 2008 season
  • 22 bikes e 22 riders on track at the same time
  • 11 official circuit of the World SBK Championship
  • 6 gameplay modes: Instant Action, Quick Race, Time Attack, Race weekend, Championship and Challenge
  • 4 different weather conditions that can change during the race week-end
  • Every team is different in experience and skills
  • The physical models of the motorbikes are made with the SBK engineers support and real data processing
  • Thanks to a highly advanced  I.A., the riders act realistically and smartly
  • 5 realism settings: From Basic Arcade to Extreme Simulation




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