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Blubox is a powerful and easy-to-use photo compressor which allows you to share and store photos more easily.

Blubox uses advanced image compression algorithms to compress your photos by up to 90%, while retaining the original resolution and quality for printing and viewing – similar to zipping but with specialized support for image formats like JPEG and TIFF.


  • Simple to use – just like Zip: Blubox is similar to Zip, but uses powerful image compression algorithms to compress over 60 popular image formats. Blubox can also create, unpack and preview regular Zip archives – so there’s no need to use a separate program.
  • Store and share your photos online with a Bluboxes web account: Create a Bluboxes web account to securely store and access your files from the web. You can store upto 20 times more in the same space by uploading compressed Blubox archives. Share your albums easily by posting links to your Facebook or MySpace profile or send links to your files to friends and family more>>
  • State of the art compression: Using Blubox you can compress photos by up to 90% without affecting pixel count or visual image quality using the very latest image compression techniques. Fantastic results are possible – even with pre-compressed formats like JPEG and PNG more>>
  • Email entire albums: Sharing multiple, full resolution photos by email is now practical. You can send up to 20 full sized pictures, compressed inside a Blubox archive in the time it takes to send a couple of uncompressed photos!
  • Preview and Slideshow: Unlike most Zip tools, Blubox includes a fully featured Preview and Slideshow feature – so there’s no need to extract your pictures to view them. If you do need to work with the original files simply drag them out of the archive to extract them back to their original format.
  • Keep your data safe: Blubox makes it easy to protect your pictures when sending over the Internet by using a powerful AES encryption algorithm. Just add a password when you create an archive and it can only be opened by the intended recipient.
  • Organising your stuff and backing up: Blubox archives are perfect for organising your photo collection before backing up to a local disk drive or with an online backup service. You can keep your folder structures intact inside the archive and add comments and tags.
  • Free viewer: The Blubox Viewer is easy to download and completely free so your friends and family can open, view and extract the files you share with them Download Free Viewer


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