Chiizu Photo Printer 6.05

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Chiizu Photo Printer 6.05

Chiizu Photo Printer facilitates unsurpassed ease when printing digital photographs.

This product uses a multiple Hotfolder architecture which allows multiple printers and output sizes for each defined Hotfolder.

You can define as many different Hotfolders as required, and create print packages or printer load management to meet your specific needs. Any .jpg file placed in a Hotfolder will automatically be sent to the printer/size(s) defined.

By adding more than one printer/size per Hotfolder, you get the choice of either printing to all printer/sizes defined or alternatively, rotating through the printers for each image being printed.

This is convenient for applications with high print output and requiring printer load sharing.


  • Print Queue facility which tracks the progress of images for printing. The Print Queue can be paused and entries deleted easily. As all print output is sent to standard windows drivers, it is also possible to view and manage the jobs via the Microsoft Windows print queue.
  • Printers Supported – Chiizu Photo Printer supports all windows printers both local to the machine running the software as well as shared on the network offering the greatest flexibility in print output and event site configurations.
  • Image Manipulation – Each printer/size entry has the option of being automatically rotated to best fit the print size as well as the choice of Fit (possible for 2 white borders), Crop (possible for 2 edges to get trimmed) or Stretch (image aspect ratio changed to fit paper) for image/paper aspect ratio management. The image will be printed to maximize paper usage based on the selection made in the printer/size setup.


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