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HDR PhotoStudio 2.15

HDR PhotoStudio is the only solution capable of creating HDR images that truly unlock the full range of color as perceived by human vision. The software grants complete control over the colors within an image and provides a comprehensive toolbox to address the effects of merging multiple exposures, while simultaneously improving workflow.

Winter landscapes provide great opportunities for photographers, but they also pose a number of challenges. It is often difficult to balance the proper exposure for snow, highlights and shadows in a single image. HDR Photography offers one solution to this problem. In this article we explore how to create a memorable shot of a ski cabin just after sunset at dusk, balancing ambient lighting with warm tungsten interior lighting using the powerful tools of Unified Color Technologies’ HDR PhotoStudio software. These examples were created using the new Macintosh version of HDR PhotoStudio, but the same tools and steps also apply to the Windows workflow as well.

Most HDR-capable software, including Adobe Photoshop and Photomatix Pro, is forced to degrade image quality to bring an HDR photo into a color range it can manage, often losing image data and clipping the full scope of colors in the process.  HDR PhotoStudio’s unique floating-point technology can accurately depict and edit the entire 32-bit color gamut to enable the most true-to-life look for HDR images. 

High Dynamic Range, Accurate color, Full color gamut
HDR PhotoStudio is the only HDR software available that features accurate color, full color gamut and HDR editing capability. HDR PhotoStudio is the only imaging software based on a color model of full human vision, rather than a particular display device.

Color Integrity
When you use HDR PhotoStudio tools, your image will not exhibit any of the color shift problems commonly associated with image editing in traditional tools. What does this mean exactly? — In HDR PhotoStudio, when you change anything related to brightness (brightness, contrast, shadow/highlight, sharpness, etc), the color tones of your image will not change. Vice versa, when color tones are changed (such as in white balance, saturation, color tuning, etc), your image’s brightness and contrast will remain intact.

Full featured, high-precision HDR editing
HDR PhotoStudio offers a unique, powerful and easy-to-use image editing tools. For the first time, full featured 32-bit floating point image editing has become available. You don’t have to degrade your image quality to 16- or 8-bit — in HDR PhotoStudio, every operation always works in high precision mode.



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