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iconXprit 2.0.1

iconXprit is a background service program for OSX 10.6 Finder. With three sorts of
add-ons – image, color and text – which can be added as layers and
removed separately, iconXprit makes it easy to explicate desktop items
(such as folders) as well as to bring individual flavors.

The editor panel contains various tools to edit composite
images in details (e.g. resize, locate, transform, effects, text, clip
& multiple images). Edit-settings can be saved as templates
accessible from the service menu. The panel also provides a possibility
to organize favorites or to keep items whose icons are frequently
modified. You can define group colors to use repeatedly or can attach
any color freely. Strings added via the text panel are
Spotlight-compatible and editable when you reopen the panel.

Once installed, ctrl-click (or right-click) an item in the Finder to
get its contextual menu including "iconXprit". Then, select the menu
item (click once) to get the full iconXprit service menu. To skip the
first step, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to "iconXprit".

For easier and quicker use, it is recommended to launch iconXprit on
the system start-up and keep its status visible in the menubar, though
these settings can be changed by opening iconXprit’s preferences.

Improvements of this Version:

  • The menu item “All” under “List Items with” of the status menu opens a
    window where all the colored items are listed according to color groups
    (also sortable acc.to name, date modified, and number of contained
  • The function of attaching a custom icon with a template uses the
    selected item’s image contents, if it has no custom icon but image
  • Internal adjustments (mostly for better menu handling).
  • For OSX 10.5.8 please use the iconXprit v.1.3.1 (a Finder contextual menu plugin).


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