JetPhoto Studio 4.7.2

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Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp

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JetPhoto Studio

JetPhoto Studio is an advanced photo Web publisher, making sharing your photo albums on the Internet easy. Once the photo album is prepared on your computer, only One-Click is needed to upload the album onto your own photo website using JetPhoto Server.

JetPhoto Studio is also an efficient desktop photo organizer for flickr users. Edit tags, descriptions, geo data for photos or sets of photos on your computer. Then you can post your organized pictures onto Flickr with just one click. JetPhoto Studio allows users to review photos on a map within the program, which shows the locations where each photo was taken. JetPhoto matches digital photos with time-synchronized GPS tracks to locate photos automatically, and links photos on Google Earth and Google Maps.

What's New

Two convenient tools are added in version 4.7.2:
· 1) Copy filenames to the photo notes
· Without JetPhoto Studio, the photo files are usually named as the photo titles. If you imported your titled files into JetPhoto albums, you may need a convenient way to transfer the photo titles from the file names to the photo notes shortly. Now you can just do that with an easy click, please choose menu item “Edit”->”Copy Filenames to Photo Notes…”

· The file name is ‘Birthday Cake.JPG’.
· After copying, now the photo note become ‘Birthday Cake’.

· 2) Rename files in batches with multiple modes
· Choose menu item “Edit”->”Batch Rename Files…”, you can use the tool to change filenames in batches for the selected photos. The tool enables flexible renaming photo files as a series of uniform names with a same prefix (or/and a same suffix), and add an index number or a time string into each filename automatically. The program can also read the EXIF photo capture time tags and write them into the filenames. In this way, you can always easily sort your photo files by events or categories in any environment even without JetPhoto Studio.
· rename files by appending index numbers
· rename files by appending photo capture time
· rename files with a prefix-time-suffix combination, example, you can name photo files as Event + Time + Location


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