Panowalker 2.00.0886

23.5 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp

Download Links

Panowalker - Link 1 Panowalker - Link 2

Panowalker is a new virtual tour solution from Easypano, which can create realistic walkthrough virtual tours from spherical or cylindrical panoramic images. You can really "walk" in the virtual tours by Panowalker and stop at any point to look around 360 degree. You can use the generated virtual tours if you are working in real estate, restaurants, tourism, hotels and many other fields. It is powerful because the walking path leads the viewer to walk in the place to experience the whole view. Conventional virtual tours are made up of panoramic images and still images which are connected with hotspots. While in realistic walkthrough virtual tours, you don’t need to click any hotspot, but only click "step forward" to walk freely – you can stop at any point to turn around and see the panoramic view.

Features of Panowalker

  • Import a series of panoramas
  • Import a map and customize a route
  • Set the initial view of the panorama
  • Publish Flash virtual tours with walkthrough effect

Change Log:

  • Support multiple paths.
  • Support adding hotspot (Link to Panorama, Popup Image, URL)
  • Support hotspot properties settings
  • Publish to the local, full screen of player is supported
  • Support the transition effect Everyscape when scenes switch
  • Support the background music as .mp3


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