PhotoAcute Studio 2.89

Do you wish you could take photos with more details and less noise, with higher dynamic range and less chromatic aberrations? You can take better images – with PhotoAcute Studio, leading edge tool for improving digital photos.

PhotoAcute software processes sets of photographs taken in continuous mode. It utilizes superresolution algorithms to convert a sequence of images into a single high-resolution and low-noise picture, that could only be taken with much better camera.

A thorough introduction and a hands-on guide to super-resolution and other multishot techniques written by professional photographers.

Using a series of example images, the authors explain and illustrate the use of each technique in great detail. Included are lessons on HDRI, superresolution, focus stacking, and stitching. Moreover, the reader will learn how to effectively combine these techniques.

Throughout the book, the authors use tools such as PhotoAcute Studio, Photoshop, Photomatix Pro, FDRTools, CombineZM, DOP Detail Extractor, and Helicon Focus to illustrate the workflow with detailed, step-by-step instructions.


  • Image resolution increase: beyond camera capabilities.
  • Noise reduction: without losing image details.
  • Producing High Dynamic Range: (HDR) images. Precise image alignment and moving objects: handling for handheld HDR!
  • Images alignment on sub-pixel level.
  • RAW-in-RAW-out processing easily added to any workflow.
  • Expanding the Depth of Field (focus stacking).
  • Chromatic aberrations correction.
  • Fixing handshaking artifacts in low light conditions.


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