Prizm Viewer 7.1.3

Pegasus Imaging Corporation
25.6 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Prizm Viewer 7.1.3

Prizm Viewer displays images your browser can’t. Comprehensive viewing features go beyond common display tools (zoom, rotate, pan), to add thumbnail navigation, poster printing, image export, and many others. With Prizm Viewer you can attach comments (annotations) to any file without changing the original. Extensive configuration options let you customize your toolbars, menus, initial display settings, etc.

Supported Image File Formats:
View single and multi-page TIFF and PDF (with PDF edition), PDF/A, JPEG, GIF, CAD, HD Photo, CALS, PCX / DCX, JPEG 2000, IBM AFP, WSQ and others. Easily configure which types you open with Prizm Viewer.


  • Popular annotations include Text, Note, Highlight, Lines, Arrows, Rubber Stamps, Polygons, Ellipses, and others.
  • A descriptive note can be included within each annotation, displayed when the mouse is placed over it:
  • Annotations can be saved on your PC, or on the Web using the optional Prizm Annotation Server for document collaboration
  • Annotations can be exported inside TIFF or PDF files, burned into images, or saved separatel

Virtual Multi-page Documents:
Web sites can share "virtual documents" made from collections of individual images. These Image List Files can include different file types, yet are viewed just like multi-page images.

  • Quickly view a group of related documents like one multi-page file
  • Batch print collections of documents without having to view each document
  • "Save as" a local file – Export Image List Files as multi-page TIFF or PDF files, even when they contain other image types.


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