Wonder Photo Studio 2.71

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Wonder Photo Studio

Wonder Photo Studio is a digital photo collage utility
that can combine your favorite photos into an artistic compilation. With
Wonder Photo Studio, you can quickly and easily make beautiful photo
collages complete with resources such as layouts, templates, photo
frames, special mask effects, rich cliparts and word arts.


Turning photos into collage and scrapbook magic!

Wonder Photo Studio is a fun and easy tool to make impressive photo collages and digital scrapbooks with your photos. In Wonder Photo Studio, you can easy to create unforgettable gifts and keepsakes. Like a digital scrapbook complete with customized drawings. Or greeting cards and gorgeous calendars that keep the smile going all year long. Just choose a colorfully designed template, drop in your photos, customize your text, add cliparts, photo frames, and click. Beautifully printed pieces will be delivered to you in minutes and shared anywhere! Digital scrapbooking lets your digital life colorful!

Collage templates

Wonder Photo Studio includes many professionally designed templates and collage layouts. The templates mix meaningful themes such as Family, Holidays, Wedding, films, Greeting Cards, etc. All you need to do is add your photos into our colorful themed page, personalize them with text captions, and you’re done! Of course, you can always start with a completely blank page – the ultimate way to express your creativity!

Wordart, cliparts & more

You can see much new decorations of Wonder Photo Studio turn your collage into works of art. With a few more clicks of your mouse, you can add more beautiful photo frames, cliparts, wordart – whatever can please your eye! Besides, we also offer you a bundle of freebies such as free background pictures and free cliparts to enhance your experience of photo collage.

Photo retouching and effects

Easy to use touch-up features make it a breeze to enhance your photos. You can perfect your collage with photo retouching options like cropping, shadow, mask, rotating, etc. It will make your collages more attractively.

Print & share anywhere

When you’re finished with your masterpiece – or just your demo- Print beautiful collages at home with more custom sizes or even more than one picture on a page; make wallpaper or save in popular graphic format and send it to your friends, family, whoever have a joy to receive. You can also decorate your mobiles, webpage, Blogs and any other item you can think of – there is just no limit to what you can do!


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