Advanced Defrag 4.4.2

Advanced Defrag
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Operating System
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Hard Disk Utilities

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Advanced Defrag is designed to cure system sluggishness and keep your
computer running like new. our product targets on home-office based
users, it is absolute easy to use. Program applies advanced defragment
arithmetic which enables you to completely and fast analyze & defrag
all the fragment found in your computer disk, effectively maximum the
system performance and improve your working efficiency with the
computer, it is definitely worth for your investment.

magnetic head is controlled by the disk driver to search the area where
the file in and read data and transfer it to the disk cache or EMS
memory. The searching time in the disk performance index is called
average seeking time. The average seek time of most the hard disk is
less then 9.5 millisecond. Advanced defrag program is able to put
disperse files into continuous space of the hard disk, it will greatly
reduce the searching time of magnetic head, better file reading &
writing speed is available under this condition.

Benefits of Advanced Defrag

1. Disk Defragment:

  • Enhances Windows system efficiency
  • Accelerates programs launch time
  • Improves file accessing speed
  • Maintains optimal network speed
  • Extends hardware useful life
  • Avoid costly updates & reinstallations

2. Registry Defragment:

  • Removes invalid entries
  • Eliminates Windows Errors
  • Fewer system crashes or freezes
  • Prevent blue screen of death
  • Cures system sluggishness
  • Build up desktop/laptop stability



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