BCWipe Total WipeOut 2.21

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BCWipe Total WipeOut

When would you need to wipe an entire hard drive? Before disposing of or giving away a laptop, desktop, external hard drive or other removable media, you must be certain that all private data has been erased without any chance of recovery. BCWipe Total WipeOut (formerly known as BCWipePD) is a software utility that securely and permanently erases all data from the entire hard drive, including boot records and operating system files.

BCWipe Total WipeOut utility (formerly known as BCWipePD) is designed for high-security environments – such as government agencies, banks and large corporations — where there is a need to safely eliminate all contents of hard drives before computers are retired or removed from the premises. BCWipe Total WipeOut is a powerful software utility designed to quickly and efficiently wipe disks on large number of computers without wasting time to actually install the program on every computer.

Wiping a whole hard drive (or all hard drives) on a computer with BCWipe Total WipeOut is a simple procedure – just boot the computer using a BCWipe Total WipeOut bootable CD (or USB flash drive) and confirm wiping. BCWipe Total WipeOut can also be run with command-line parameters.

For Linux systems, BCWipe Total WipeOut runs from a bootable CD (or USB flash drive) using a kernel of the Linux operating system. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Linux is distributed according to GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). Source code of the Linux kernel version 2.6.12 used on the bootable disk is available for download from www.kernel.org. Text of GNU GPL is included into BCWipe Total WipeOut distribution.


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