HDD ID Utility 1.0

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HDD ID Utility

HDD ID Utility is a small application that will display in a single window information on your Hard Drive, CPU and Memory. The application will show you in what condition these items are at all times.

– use a very small DLL to show the IDs of the HDD partitions and load them in the registry
– you can directly import function from DLL or you can read the key that was stored in registry by the program for you
– it is really small (the DLL size is only 15K)
– it is freeware
– it doesn’t need to be installed/uninstalled

HDD ID Utility will show shows data about your computer’s hardware:

Hard disk:

  • Hard drive ID (unique hardware ID written in IDE electronic/drive’s chip)
  • Partition ID


  • CPU ID (unique hardware ID)
  • CPU vendor
  • CPU running speed
  • CPU theoretic speed

Physical memory:

  • Memory Load ( Total memory used in percentage)
  • Total Physical ( Total physical memory in bytes)
  • Avail Physical ( Physical memory left in bytes)
  • Total PageFile ( Total page file in bytes)
  • Available PageFile( Page file left in bytes)
  • Total Virtual( Total virtual memory in bytes)
  • Available Virtual ( Virtual memory left in bytes)



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