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Maxtor Maxboost utility

The MaxBoost Trialware gives you the opportunity
to try out the current pre-release version of Maxtor’s new Maxboost
software, a high-performance driver for Maxtor ATA and SATA hard

MaxBoost is a performance-boosting driver software
that is designed to complement your Maxtor ATA or SATA hard drive.
MaxBoost is a performance-boosting utility for your Maxtor ATA or SATA
hard drive.

You can control MaxBoost via a standalone
application (MaxBoost Utility) and a system tray icon. The MaxBoost
Utility allows you to select drives to use with MaxBoost, configure
advanced settings, and monitor the performance of your drives. The
system tray icon allows you to enable and disable the MaxBoost driver.

intelligently caching data in RAM before it is written to and read from
the drive, MaxBoost will optimize the storage speed of your system
giving it a slight performance boost.

NOTE: The MaxBoost
driver is not intended for use with non-Maxtor/Quantum drives or system
configurations other than specified above. Attempting to run the
MaxBoost driver on unsupported system configurations can lead to
decreased system performance or inconsistent system or disk drive
behavior. Also, in the event of a sudden system shutdown, data stored
in your system cache and not on the drive may be lost and recovery of
that data may not be possible.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Maxtor or Quantum ATA or SATA hard drive (RAID not supported)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP operating system
  • Intel or AMD processor, 700 MHz or higher (Dual processors not supported. Hyper-Threading must be disabled.)
  • 256 MB RAM or higher 



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