Accordance 8.4.4

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Accordance Bible Software can create and save a wide variety of resources which can be accessed again and again. This website is a place where Accordance users can share with one another the resources they develop. Well over 150 Accordance-compatible modules are available on a variety of CD-ROMs, but all purchased modules are completely integrated into your Accordance library. Select text in any window, and a single mouse-click lets you find your selection in any text or tool.

Features of Accordance

  • The Search window for Bible texts is the core of Accordance. The top of the window lets you define your search, and shows the settings for the current search.
  • The More options area lets you set additional search parameters.
  • The panes below display your results in your chosen Bibles, with optional panes for margin notes, commentaries, or your own comments.
  • Accordance is unparalleled in its ability to search the text of the Bible.
  • Access the original Greek and Hebrew words accurately and easily with the English Bibles (the KJVS, NAS95S, or NIV-G/K) which include Key (Strong’s) Number capability.
  • View the Key number and original word for any word under the cursor.
  • Triple-click to open the related dictionary.
  • Open with a single click an Analysis or Parsing window showing the key information for the search hits or selected words.
  • Search for the Key numbers with a single click, or by using commands or the graphical Construct window.
  • Option-click to search for the Greek or Hebrew words in any text or tool.
  • Once you have looked up verses by reference or performed a search, you can interact with the results of your search in a wide variety of ways.
  • View multiple translations or the original Greek and Hebrew in parallel panes of the same window.
  • Customize the appearance of the text by changing its font, size, style, color, and formatting. You can even customize the appearance of the verse references.
  • Use bookmarks to mark verses of interest.
  • Collect all your marked verses in a reference list window for future reference.
  • Append multilingual notes to any verse of the Bible.



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