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BirthdayScanner X 2.3.2

BirthdayScanner X 2.3.2 details

BirthdayScanner X is a powerful tool to extract birthdays and
anniversaries from your Address Book and import them to iCal and other
calendar programs. Then, iCal will remind you of upcoming anniversaries
– on your Mac and on your iPhone.

With BirthdayScanner X, you can:

– create events in iCal for all anniversaries (not only birthdays) in your Address Book

– save the anniversaries as a standard calendar file. Import them
to any calendar program – Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Sunbird, Google
calendar etc.

– bring the anniversaries to your iPhone – without a special iPhone application: just by syncing with your Mac.

– add reminders to the anniversary events

– customize the event text (now optimized to look good on the iPhone too)

What’s New in this Version
This is a maintenance release adding a fix for Snow Leopard and some minor new features

– Fixed the “Snow Leopard double entries” bug: importing birthdays
on Snow Leopard would generate double entries in iCal if the event
title contained the number of years ($years) for this anniversary

– BirthdayScanner X distinguishes now between birthdays, wedding
days, name days and memorial days (days of death) by examining keywords
in the event text, and shows appropriate symbols.

– A new placeholder, “$date”, to show the original date of the event in the event title

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later



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