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Flash Cards

Flash Cards was developed to help you test your knowledge of any
subject. There are two types of tests: Text and Picture.

Flash Cards Version 3.1.0 is
streamlined. You do not need to go to the Setup Window each launch and
you can move through the test as fast as you want in the Manual mode.
Version 3.1 includes multiple code improvements.

When you launch Flash Cards you see the Control Panel.
Press on the "Setup" button to bring up the Setup Window if this is the
first launch. Or, click on the "Start" button to start a test using the
same setup as used in the last launch. 

In the Setup Window, you can select a mode (Text or
Picture), on-screen time, period between displays, and selection mode
(use random or step through). If you don’t want the text to be black,
click on the "Set Text Color" button and choose a color from the color
wheel. Close the color wheel and the selected color will show in the
small box. Select whether the text phrase should be bolded or not and
select the font size (normal, up one or down one: up/down one changes
the font size by about four, depending on screen size). When you are
satisfied with the settings, click on the "Done" button to return to the
Control Panel.

Then you see the Phrase Maintenance Window, which you access from
the menu bar. The default text phrases are the names of baseball teams
and the answers are their hometowns. When you first launch Flash
Cards, the default phrases and answers appear in the table. You can
add, delete and modify phrases/answers (double-click a phrase or answer
to edit it). Phrases and answers in the table are saved between

You can also clear the table and enter your own information. A
button is provided to save a file with phrases and answers in the table
and you can load a plain text file with this information. TextEdit
works well for this purpose. Type one phrase (up to 50 characters), a
tab, and its answer (up to 36 characters) per line and select
Format>Make Plain Text before saving the file as a Unicode (UTF-8)
".txt" file.

When you first launch Flash Cards, a folder titled "FCPictures" is
created in your Users/~/Documents folder. If you want to use the
Picture mode, copy jpg pictures (file must have a ".jpg" suffix) into
this folder. The answer for a picture is the file’s name (without the
".jpg" suffix. So, for example, if you want to flash pictures of
outlaws, a name of a picture of Jesse James would be Jesse James.jpg.
Click on the red (close) button to return to the Control Panel. 


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