Help Me Write 1.0

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Help Me Write

Help Me Write was developed for visually impaired users. Enter text
in a large font and hear words as they are typed. Review text by
listening or viewing the large, easy to read letters. When satisfied,
paste text into an email or document using the style of the email or

The Help Me Write window has a large text area, a slider and five
pushbuttons. The first time you launch Help Me Write, the text window
is filled with the Help information. It is suggested that you make the
window larger (drag the bottom right corner) and read about the utility
before actually using it.

If you click somewhere in the text and click on the "Speak to End"
button, you hear all text read from the cursor on. If you hold down the
Shift key, the caption for the "Speak to End" button changes to "Speak
All" and clicking on that button results in all text being read.
Similarly, selected text is spoken when you click on the "Speak
Selected" button. To stop speaking, click on the "Stop Speaking" button.
Clear the text and clipboard by clicking on the "Clear All" button.
Click on the "Text To Clipboard" button to copy all text onto the
clipboard, ready for pasting somewhere useful. Then, click on an email
(document, etc.) and paste the text. While Help Me Write uses large
colorful characters to prepare the text, it pastes text into an email or
other text document using that document’s current font style.

Font color, font size, font family and bold (on/off) are set in the
Input Style Window which can be accessed from the menu bar.


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