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InfoWallet 1.02

Where do you keep medical information, insurance information, financial records, contacts, the many passwords to remember, and software licenses? If you are like most people you probably don’t have it in one easy and secure place.

InfoWallet is designed to allow you to do that and more. Not only can you keep track of all this information but you can view it on a personal timeline to get a unique view of your life. Its like Quicken for your "Life Information."

Easy to use
It is easy for anyone to use yet offers advanced features.

Your information is not "on the Internet." You keep it in your possession and can choose who to share it with. It is protected by strong encryption and a password that only you know. HIPAA compliant.

Doctor Visits
Record visits with doctors in your own words and view a history of your visits for every doctor.

Past and present medications and dosages. Tracks changes over time. Your secure personal electronic medical records system now without waiting for health care reform.

Family History
Every doctor asks for this. Allergies, surgeries, health conditions, immunizations, insurance, emergency notification.

Timeline of your life
A unique feature of this software program. Allows you to track multiple doctors and medicines over time on a single view. No other program offers this view of your life.

Contact Management
Names, numbers, addresses, notes, maps and more for friends and family.

Insurance Policies
Beginning and end dates, contacts, policy numbers, and all the details. Keeps a record of old policies.

Bank and other Financial Accounts
Credit cards, home/auto/boat loans, IRA accounts, investments, account numbers, agents, PINs and passwords. This product will store your personal financial information.

Passwords, passwords, passwords!
It seems like every service you can sign up for has its own password. There is just no way to remember or even keep track of them. For any kind of service; Web pages, email, software, combination locks, etc. Store URLs associated with online computer services and license keys and other passwords for the software you purchase. Let this program be your password manager/management software.

Multiple people
Each person has their own data file and they can be shared. You can carry as many wallet files as you like for your spouse, children, parents, friends, etc.

Portable and for any kind of Computer
On a USB flash drive (portable – zero footprint) or install directly on a computer (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux). Runs the same on all platforms and no additional charges to do so. Everything is automatically installed.

Password Protected and Encrypted

You control it. No back doors. Data is always encrypted.
AES (128, 192, 256 bit), Blowfish (128, 448 bit), TripleDES (192 bit)


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