Today 2.1.1

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With Today you can keep track of what’s on your plate for any given day
without keeping iCal open all the time. Today syncs with iCal and your
life’s agenda so daily events & tasks are always available via one,
convenient little interface.

See only what’s important

iCal is great for keeping track of every aspect of your life.
Whether you use Delicious Library to keep track of who you loaned DVDs
to or subscribe to your favorite baseball team’s schedule, iCal can get a
bit cluttered. Today allows you to filter what calendars’ events show
up in Today.

Only show your school schedule, meetings or birthdays. It’s
all up to you.

Create new events & tasks

Today isn’t just about showing you what you need to do on any
given day. You can also add new meetings or tasks to your schedule using
Today. Create events and tasks quickly without having to open iCal. Today 2.0’s new event & task hot keys
put its data creation features just a keystroke away.

A frequent alarm user? Today’s alarms panel lets you save your
most frequently used alarm preferences to save you a few clicks down
the road.

Great for business & students

Whether you are a busy professional with meetings to keep track
of during your day or a college student with a busy class and club
schedule to manage, Today is a great companion. Your day’s schedule and
tasks are just a click away no matter where you are on your Mac.


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