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Andras Horvath
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aaPhoto 0.32

Automatic photo adjusting software.

The program tries to give a solution for the automatic color correction of photos. This means setting the contrast, color balance, saturation and gamma levels of the image by analization.

This can be a solution for those kind of users who are not able to manage and correct images with complicated graphical softwares, or just simply don’t intend to spend a lot of time with manually correcting the images one-by-one.

The program handles the following image formats: mif, pnm / pgm / ppm, bmp, ras, jp2, jpc, jpg, pgx, png

This software is a command-line tool, it can be run from a terminal or console window. It takes parameters and filenames as input. For example: aaphoto image.jpg. This creates an image called "image_new.jpg" that will be the color corrected one.

The program does an analyzation and recalculates the colors of the image. An automated algorithm has to make decisions due to the tasks. But it’s not so easy to produce good decisions on every input. So i intend to work on a solution where the program needs to make less decisions -with the results having less dramatic adjustments- and so there having less worse outputs too. The main goal is not to make the photo worse when it cannot be made any better.


  • some changes in documentation
  • bugfix: unfreed space caused memory leak (valgrind helped)
  • bugfix: uninitialized variable caused –resize to misbehave



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