Artensoft Photo Editor 1.4.4

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Artensoft Photo Editor 1.4.4

Artensoft Photo Editor manages your digital photo workflow from start to finish. Import, adjust, edit, batch process, catalogue, navigate and view digital pictures from a single tool. The new photo editor makes your photo workflow plain, easy and straightforward.

Artensoft Photo Editor is fully featured, usable, and affordable digital photo workflow solution, with a free evaluation version available for download.


  • View Pictures and Run Slideshows: The built-in full-screen viewer is lightning fast, and supports numerous image formats including RAW files. The available slideshow mode allows running impressive slideshows with numerous transition effects such as Fade and Slide. You can perform basic photo editing without leaving the viewer.
  • Process Images and RAW Files and Keep the Originals: Artensoft Photo Editor offers all types of basic and advanced image processing tools. Ranging from simple adjustments such as Brightness, Contrast and Saturation, Artensoft Photo Editor can Crop, Resize, Rotate, Convert, and Sharpen images, and apply a variety of effects such as Sepia, Soft Light, and Soft Focus without messing with the originals. All adjustments are being stored separately from your images, leaving the originals intact and exporting an edited image into a separate file. Needless to say you can reverse, re-adjust or cancel any adjustment or effect at any time!
  • Organize Pictures and Folders: Catalogue, sort and find the pictures you want faster, simpler and easier! No matter how many folders with pictures you have on your hard drives, Artensoft Photo Editor can import and organize them. You can manage, view, and adjust all pictures in a single place.
  • Simplify Digital Photo Workflow: With Artensoft Photo Editor, you can process multiple images with just a few clicks. Switching from one image to another takes just one click, with all adjustments you make stored in Artensoft Photo Editor internal database.
  • Batch Process Images: Converting, resizing, cropping, rotating or processing hundreds of images is just as simple as editing a single one. Artensoft Photo Editor offers advanced batch processing capabilities, allowing you to perform all sorts of basic adjustments and complex edits to numerous pictures at once.


  • Russian localization added;
  • Significantly improved export form;
  • Improved user interface;
  • Improved importing new photos;
  • Added auto-color, auto-contrast and cuto-color enhance;
  • Minor bug fixes.


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