GSA Image Analyser Batch Edition 1.0.3

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GSA Image Analyser Batch Edition

The GSA Image Analyser Batch Edition is a program for the scientific
evaluation of images. The Program can analyse all images in batch mode
and store the results in a CSV files who can later be imported into any
spreadsheet applications like Excel or Open Office.

possibilities of the program are varied and can be divided in three
main groups; Object surface calculation, Object length calculation and
Object counting. Everything gets calculated automatically without any
user input. The program offers the possibility to calculate the
relations of the ascertained surfaces to each other and to the whole
image or background.

The GSA Image Analyser Batch Edition has
also a set of functions which have been developed especially for the
direct length calculation of very complex and very ramified objects
(such objects are for example plant roots). There are also indirect
calculation available with a grid intersection (developed by Tennant).

The automatic count function determines the number of all recognised
objects and, in addition, offers the possibility to count overlapping
objects apart. This separation can made over the object form, the
object surface and over the object intensity.

The grid
intersection count function serves for the indirect object number
regulation. Such procedures are described, e.g., by Buerker, Fuchs
Rosenthal, Thoma, shilling, Tuerk. The GSA Image Analyser Batch Edition
can read almost all known picture formats (JEPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG).

This program is designed to solve many problems. It has been used for
counting cells and calculating the size of plant roots (biometry).


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