MAGIX Photo Manager 9 v7.0

141 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
Image Management

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MAGIX Photo Manager 9 v7.0

Discover a new world of free photo management and optimization and download  MAGIX Photo Manager 9 for free!

Is your digital photo collection constantly growing? Do you need an easy-to-use assistant to organize and optimize your photos? Then MAGIX Photo Manager 9 is the perfect solution. Whether importing photos & video clips, managing or editing your pictures, with MAGIX Photo Manager 9 it’s quick, easy and free. 

The large slideshow monitor unleashes the full potential of your pictures. Click through your favorite snapshots manually or start the automatic slideshow. Specify how long you want each picture to be displayed and select fades. Zoom in and out as you please to enable a detailed view or a broad overview.

Optimize: Rotate, optimize, crop, convert, copy and add titles to pictures within seconds. Easy optimization ranging from auto exposure to red eye correction allows you to create radiantly beautiful photos with brilliant colors with just one click.

  • Optimal brightness
  • Perfect contrast
  • Flawless sharpness & depth
  • Brilliant color spectrum

RAW support: MAGIX Photo Manager 9 also imports and optimizes uncompressed image data (so-called raw formats/ RAW) of more than 280 popular camera models

Manage & archive: MAGIX Photo Manager 9 is the quick and easy-to-use all-around solution for free image editing and archiving, no matter whether you want to import, sort, organize, or archive your pictures. Flexible display and management modes sort your media according to logical criteria such as date, motif or rating and make it easier to find photos later.

Face recognition: The revolutionary technology FaceID analyses and recognizes faces automatically. You can assign the faces you identified to specific names which makes it possible to find all photos of one person at a glance – it’s child’s play with FaceID.

Present: Present your photos worldwide on the web and let your family and friends be part of your experiences with your free personal Online Album (free, 500 MB of storage space, password protection, possibility of ordering prints, and much more). The integrated MAGIX Screenshare makes it possible to exchange information with other users online (Transfer screen). Simply download the Screenshare guest module for free and start right away!

Flickr upload: Share your most beautiful, most spectacular, or funniest pictures with the whole world and publish them on the popular community website Flickr™ directly from the program. It couldn’t be any easier: slideshow enthusiasts from all around the world will be able to experience your work and even comment.

slideshows & videos: You can export the images you’ve already optimized with MAGIX Photo Manager 9 into the following MAGIX slideshow and video programs and create greate video and slideshows in no time at all!



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