PaintStar v2.70

2.57 MB
Operating System
Windows Xp
Image Management

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PaintStar is a versatile digital image processing software suitable for
such tasks as retouching of photographs, composing and authoring
images, image morphing, screen capture, and displaying image thumbnail
in Windows Explorer context menu. It supports alpha, layer, path ,and
the most common editing techniques. PaintStar has many of the tools and
filters you would expect to find in commercial offerings, and some
interesting extras as well.


  • Full suite of painting tools including paintbrush, pencil, eraser,
    airbrush, filter brush, color retouching, blur/sharpening,smudge,and
    cloning. Many customizable brushes, texture, gradient, and 26 methods
    of combining modes suppported.
  • Transformation tools including rotate, scale, shear, perspective,flip,and wrap. Auto antialias supported.
  • Image Morphing supported. With this technique, you can create
    a sequence of intermediate frames that seamlessly transform one image
    to another and generate output in a form of gif animation or image file
  • Gradient Fill tools include
    linear,radial,square,conical(symmetric),conical(asymmetric) and
    shapeburst. Multiple colors supported.
  • Selection tools including rectangular, elliptical, free,
    fuzzy and paths. Add, subtract, invert, antialias and feather
    selections supported.
  • Zoom 10% – 2000% display, and show grid supported.
  • More then 30 File formats supported include JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, BMP and many others.
  • Color conversion supported include several different dithering methods and palette options.
  • Alpha channel (transparency) supported.
  • Displays Histograms (RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK).
  • Displays EXIF information. EXIF 2.2 supported.
  • TWAIN supported for scanners and digital cameras.
  • Multiple Layers, 26 methods of combining modes suppported.
  • Multiple Paths supported. You can add,delete,insert point to
    the curve and adjust point in the curve just like vector drawing
    programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.
  • Multiple Undo and Redo supported.You can set up the number of Undo´s from 3 to 99.
  • More than 100 Filters/Effects.Application of 3×3 filters supported.
  • Screen capture supported.You can capture selected or fixed regions of the desktop, as well as active windows
    or individual controls (menus, dialogs etc.), which can be easily
    selected by an on-screen indicator which outlines the area to be
  • Displays thumbnail of selected image in Windows Explorer context menu just like ACD System Picaview.



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