Photact 1.1

4.5 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Demo Shareware
Image Management

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Photact 1.1

The Photact system has been specially designed for people with little or no experience using photo editing software. You do not have to be a computer expert or an expert in any imaging programs to create any of the Photact products. If you do have any problems there are a series of demonstration videos you can watch that will teach you how to do what you want to do. These videos can be viewed at any time straight from the photact website.

The photact system is not tied to any printer or printer type, so you a are not forced to use a particular printer at a highly inflated price. Once you have released a product you can print it anywhere you choose. You can print the products on your own printer, or negotiate the best price you can at a commercial printer of your choice.

The photact system works completely on your own computer. There is no need to spend hours uploading your pictures onto the web before you can start working with them. This also means that the product builders work very quickly because you are never waiting for web pages to download to your computer before seeing the result of your changes. It all works in ‘real time’ on your computer.

Because your pictures are never uploaded to someone elses server or website, you are always in full control of your pictures. Your private pictures are only ever held on your computer and cannot be viewed by anyone else unless you choose to show them. You can even print your products on your home printer if you choose.



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