CallingID for the Internet

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Internet Explorer

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CallingID for the Internet

CallingID safe browsing toolbar automatically shows whether sites
visited are real and safe to login, submit personal information to or
deal with. It displays the site owner’s name and physical address and a
risk indication for safe e-commerce and online banking. CallingID
checks if the site owner is actively conducting business.

CallingID for the Internet is an internet explorer toolbar that allows you detect phishing.

  • High
    Risk – Indicates that exposing private or confidential information to
    this site is very risky and may be misused by the site owner. Such risk
    is a result of a pattern usually utilized by scammers. It may be, for
    example, masking site owner’s identity; using a pirate server in a
    legitimate site or using a known phishing site.
  • Low Risk –
    reveals that the site has a problem. The user should be aware of the
    problem and decide whether to take the risk of sending data to such a
    site. Low risk sites are sites whose owner was not identified as an
    organization conducting business, sites that were not registered
    correctly, etc.
  • Verified – signals that it is safe to submit
    information and make purchases at these sites. The site was identified
    as an organization conducting business located at a real address and
    passed all 52 verification tests.


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