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Internet Explorer is the world’s most popular Web browser. Security, ease of use, and improvements in RSS, CSS, and Ajax support are Microsoft’s priorities for Internet Explorer.

The latest Internet Explorer 8 browser includes support for:

  • Accelerators – which allow supported web applications to be invoked without explicitly navigating to them.
  • WebSlices – which allows portions of page to be subscribed to and monitored from a redesigned Favorites Bar.
  • InPrivate privacy features.
  • SmartScreen phishing filter.

Stay safer online :
Browse with more confidence knowing Internet Explorer 8 helps protect you from evolving online threats right out of the box. The new SmartScreen filter and other built-in security features help you stay safe by protecting against deceptive and malicious websites which can compromise your data, and privacy.

Get things done faster with Accelerators : You’re just a few mouse clicks away from driving directions, word translation, sharing your web discoveries with friends and more. Accelerators help you do the things you do all the time without having to open up a new window. So you can speed through everyday browsing tasks, like getting a map to a business address or forwarding a link to a

View any site with ease : Now you can quickly display websites that were designed for older browsers. If you’re looking at a page and the text OR images aren’t lined up right, just use the new Compatibility View button next to the Refresh button on the Address Bar.


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