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Elvis 2.0

Elvis is a new solution for centralizing, finding and utilizing media content. It’s built for Publishers, Broadcasters, Agencies and Corporates that have one thing on their mind:

How can I store my media in one place, find it easily, and use it in the most flexible way I can through all my publishing channels? Elvis is designed to take in images, xml, video, articles and layouts, all in one system. It provides new storage, search and retrieval technology for the Publisher of tomorrow and is built on Industry standards like Flex and AIR.

Elvis is an anagram for sivle: "structured information versus loose ends".

Elvis is designed as the central media content store for Publishers. The purpose is to store media of all formats, easily find it and use it as flexibly as you can. Through new search technology, a flexible and intuitive interface and flexible storage we provide extreme usability and scalabilty:

  • import
    • Drag ‘n Drop into Store
    • Import Print, Web, Video production
    • Automated cataloging processes
    • Automatic creation of previews and thumbs
    • Existing filesystem or hotfolder import
  • search and collect
    • Powerful search engine
    • Semantic and Synonym search
    • Dynamic filters for fast searching
    • Search results grouped by media type
    • Large size previewing
  • use
    • Save and share collections
    • Add custom metadata
    • Export collections to Web, Print and Video production
    • Drag ‘n Drop content in desktop applications
    • Automated export

Elvis starts with a start page. A large set of widgets is available to personalize your homepage. All meant to support different ways of searching and browsing. Examples are the search bar, last issue widget, last searches widget, live search widget and many more.

When you search a large set of dynamic filters, personal filters and tag clouds is there to help you refine your search. Create your own customized saved searches and filters to help you find what you were looking for.

Search results are grouped by media type. You can zoom in on specific media types to refine. When clicking an item, the detailview appears. In this view there’s full metadata, related items, filmstrip and video scrubber.

Simply drag ‘n drop items in collection baskets to start creating collections. Drag items from your desktop into collections, save and share them with other users.

For direct use drag ‘n drop items into other applications like InDesign, Photoshop, video editing tools, word etcetera. You can export items or complete collections to print, web or mobile production.



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