GeoWatch 1.11

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Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
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GeoWatch 1.11

GeoWatch brings un-intrusive automatic Geo/GPS location tracking for most parts  of the World to the table. This application lets you know your geographic location at all times and visualizes it on maps. 

Geo/GPS Location Track Utility for you and your friends for all Windows Mobile Devices (Windows Mobile 5 & 6, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista).


  • Keeps track of your mobile devices geographical location. 
  • BuddyShare enabled.  Allows you to track your friends location anywhere in the World and vice versa.
  • BuddyShare is a secure, private, and flexible communications infrastructure.  No uploading of data to servers.  Automatic encryption of data.  No IP addresses, web servers, etc.
  • BuddyShare even works for linking up multiple handheld devices located anywhere in the World.
  • Location maps are automatically downloaded on a per need basis (even for slow 54KBit connections).
  • Supports creating and visualizing walks for any given day and time range (hourly resolution).
  • Automatic export of all created walks to flat text files for incorporation in other applications.
  • Offline tracking and viewing of generated walks.
  • Multi-level zoom.
  • Support for CF cards to store downloaded map and GPS information. 
  • on all commonly available Windows Operating systems.
  • Common GUI for all devices.
  • A Multi-Lingual User Interface encompassing over 140 languages and supporting hot-swapping has been added.


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