Mobile Interactive Testing Environment 1.1

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Mobile Interactive Testing Environment 1.1

MITE (Mobile Interactive Testing Environment) provides interactive testing and validation of mobile content right on your desktop. Test content with 1,600+ mobile device profiles over a live wireless network, mobile carrier or Internet connection.Quickly and recursively test and validate WAP content across numerous device/ mobile OS/ mobile browser combinations. MITE with aircard support will also allow you to do so on live carrier networks.

In an ultra fast development environment, Keynote MITE lives on your desktop giving you instantaneous feedback. Keynote MITE will reduce your time to market and help you deliver a better end-user experience.With thousands of devices currently on the market and more being introduced every day, mobile developers are challenged to create content tailored to the unique device capabilities of this diverse universe. With a library of over 1,600 devices and 11,000 user agent strings, MITE gives you unequalled access to screen compatibility and application support information.

Mobile is the fastest growing mode of access for online content. The biggest challenge of creating mobile content is assuring that your users are able to quickly access and interact with it. Keynote MITE empowers support teams to resolve customer facing issues faster without the headache of maintaining pools of handsets. MITE with aircard support will even give you access to content housed on a carrier’s deck. In many cases you can address issues long before larger problems occur.

Keynote MITE provides interactive testing and validation of mobile content right on the desktop. With Keynote MITE, users can:-

  1. Test and validate mobile content quickly and easily across multiple device profiles
  2. Reduce cost and time to market while helping to deliver a better end user experience
  3. Emulate more than 1,600 device profiles with 11,000 user agent strings
  4. Create new device and network profiles from the desktop for instantaneous feedback
  5. See download times for the entire page and all the redirections the browser took to download the mobile site
  6. Record and playback scripts with advanced scripting features such as conditioning coding
  7. Send and receive SMS messages to audit common short codes. 

Keynote MITE works like you do. As a desktop application, you’ll be pleased with the speed with which you can complete your testing. It gives the performance information you need to deliver a great user experience on the mobile web. Download MITE for free and start delivering better content and services to your mobile users. And, when you’re ready to start testing your mobile site over live networks, MITE with aircard support gives you multiple options.


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