Rooster RSS Reader 3.3

Brana Bujenovic
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Rooster RSS Reader 3.3

Rooster is a powerful and flexible RSS/ATOM/RDF feeds reader for Windows.

It allows us to:

  • Simultaneously download articles for multiple feeds.
  • Schedule general checks and/or checks per feed basis.
  • Post the articles.
  • Edit and store variety of download-conditionals.
  • Manage (display/move/delete/flag) articles in the extreme flexible way.
  • Perform action on articles (Save them as files, print, transfer, e-mail, flag, set status and much more).
  • Customize our news center with the use of another powerful tool – Filters.
  • Store articles for off-line reading.
  • Manage (name/edit/create/delete/store) newsboxes for feeds.
  • Use Newsboard to preview feeds and read articles online.
  • Store feeds info in editable (plain text) files.
  • Import/export feed subscriptions.
  • Address feeds and keep URLs within an editable table for quick updating.
  • Quickly find the articles.
  • Filter articles on keywords and/or phrases.

Rooster also includes:

  • User friendly and fast-responding interface.
  • Two general interface styles: Single Main Window and Multiple Windows.
  • Windows/panes layouts.
  • Plain-text (UNIX-compatible) newsboxes to store articles.
  • Article grouping.
  • Extensive enclosures/podcasts management.
  • Support for all versions of RSS and ATOM feeds.
  • International language support (Interface is English-only).
  • Feed groups.
  • News Ticker.
  • Extended Delivery Service (Addins support).
  • Article tokens.


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