SupportCalls with Outlook 3.4

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SupportCalls with Outlook 3.4

The only comprehensive helpdesk system entirely integrated seamlessly within your Microsoft Office Outlook, transforming it from a simple email client to a full fledged service provider.

SupportCalls system is an add-on solution for Microsoft Office Outlook that makes it very easy for your helpdesk team to manage support requests from your end-users submitted by email, phone calls or web.

SupportCalls system is a full featured and automated issue tracking system available right in your Outlook. Using Microsoft Exchange as repository for storing support cases, it provides support staffs with all the necessary tools to log, collaborate, analyze and assist in the resolution of helpdesk issues. With support for automated messaging and notifications using varied communication channels such as emails, phone calls or SMS, it offers your helpdesk to cut the overhead of manual tasks significantly while making it easier for team to work flexibly.

SupportCalls is also available via web access – perfect for remote support staffs. Furthermore, end-users can submit new support requests via a web form, check status, or search through the knowledge base, all via a web browser for first level support.


  • No database requirement – cases are stored in your exchange server (supports hosted exchange server too)
  • No file server requirement – Only a simple client install
  • No change required to default Outlook security settings
  • Use a public folder or a shared mailbox
  • Convert phone calls, emails, appointments, tasks to support cases
  • Drag-and-drop conversion of emails to support cases
  • Incoming email monitoring and automatic processing
  • Schedule appointment, assign task in technician’s mailbox
  • Import callers/technicians from local address book or GAL2
  • Automatic notifications of Email and SMS3 to helpdesk events
  • Automatic assignment of technicians to new support cases
  • Assign and enforce Service Level Agreement (SLA) on support cases
  • Asset Tracking and Management
  • Access control mechanism for non-admin staffs
  • More than 30 Outlook views designed for different helpdesk perspectives
  • Keywords and advanced search options in Outlook folder views
  • Integrated statistics – Reporting, Charting, and Data Analysis
  • Use Skype/modem phone to make outgoing calls
  • Technician Web Access (TWA) – AJAX4 enabled ASP.NET site through which remote technicians can work on support cases with a browser.
  • Customer Web Service (CWS) – AJAX enabled ASP.NET sites through which end-users can submit, escalate, withdraw, reopen or check status on their support cases online. Include a self-service web knowledge base.
  • Save support requests, KB articles or other Outlook items to filtered webpage (.htm,.html), web-archive single file (.mht), Microsoft Word documents (.doc), Adobe Portable documents (.pdf), Paper Specification documents (.xps).
  • Integrated knowledge base in Outlook as well as on Web Access.
  • Select a KB article, convert it to DOC, MHT, PDF or XPS document and automatically attach to emails in two clicks!
  • Export cases to external database – Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle etc.
  • Available in Standard and Professional Editions
  • Supports English, Español, Norwegian, Dutch and German languages.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Work on support cases in your Outlook as if you would work on emails
  • Technician Web Access – work on support cases via a browser
  • Single enterprise-wide view of support cases, callers and problems
  • Little or no training requirement on the part of your support technicians
  • Centralized data storage on Microsoft Exchange – enable collaboration
  • Enable integration with Active Directory
  • Common point-of-call for your end-users
  • Structured workflow for all helpdesk activity
  • Automate support request logging and notifications – no manual tasks
  • Higher productivity and increased "up-time" for support staffs
  • Organized state of cases means faster tracking requests
  • Identify problem areas and increase helpdesk efficiency
  • "Do more with less" – affordable one-time fee with enterprise license


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