Unite Call Center 2.0

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Unite Call Center 2.0

Unite Call Center for Skype is 100% software based, truly business-class customer communication and management system with host of much sought after capabilities. The traditional Hardware-based Call Center systems usually require all employees to be in a central business office. With Unite Call Center, the agents can work from a main office, or branch offices using Skype. They can set up home offices and still be a part of the call center. They can even log in while they are traveling and receive calls as though they were still in the office.

Skype for Business offers many attractive low-cost deals such as Unlimited World calling, Unlimited US and Canada, and other calling plans etc., which complements high Call Center call volumes which can result in substantial cost savings to you.

Types of calls are often divided into outbound and inbound. Inbound calls are calls that are made by the consumer to obtain information, report a malfunction, or ask for help. These calls are substantially different from outbound calls, where agents place calls to potential customers mostly with intentions of selling or service to the individuals. It is possible to combine inbound and outbound campaigns.


  • 100% Software based
  • Powered by Skype
  • Advanced Call Management
  • Multi-stream Contact
  • Skill-based Call Routing
  • Intelligent Call Queuing
  • Call-back Option
  • Call Recording and Quality Monitoring
  • Centralized Reporting and Analytics
  • Automated and centralized reporting and statistics.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) for callers.
  • Intelligent skill-based routing for inbound actions across multi-channels, such as voice, email, and web chats.


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