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Weather Defender 1.1

Spot the weather intruders while there’s still time with our softwares innovative Alert Perimeter technology. This program connects your desktop to a national network of radar and weather satellites, and continuously scans for weather intruders near your home or place of business. Once desktop weather software identifies a weather threat, such as tornadoes, lightning, severe hail, high winds or other deadly storms, Weather Defender will activate Perimeter Alerts to give you time to prepare for whatever is coming.

Main Benefits:

  • Always-On Threat Monitoring: With Weather Defender’s innovative Alert Perimeter technology, you’ll be the first to know when severe weather threatens your home, business, or community, giving you time to prepare before its too late.
  • Customizable, Location-specific "Safe Zones": Weather Defender’s Alert Perimeters can be easily customized to target your specified locations, as well as the types of weather that interest you, from heavy rain and lightning to tornadoes and winter storms.
  • Receive threat notifications instantly, automatically: You also control whether you’ll receive your customized weather alerts through an on-screen display on your computer monitor, or with an audible alarm, e-mail message, or SMS text to your PDA or cell phone. Weather Defender delivers the precise information you need wherever you need it. It’s that simple.
  • Real-time Weather Graphics: Only Weather Defender combines remote alerting with unique first-person visuals all in one software application. Log in any time of day or night to see the weather situation for yourself with detailed weather graphics and state-of-the-art tracking features.
  • National Surveillance, Local Protection: Weather Defender connects your home computer to a powerful national network of radar stations and weather satellites. You’ll have access to the latest technology to protect you and your family from hazardous weather.

Additional Features:

  • Custom Locations: Add the precise locations of friends and family all over the country to your Weather Defender surveillance area. Provide them with advanced warning even when they don’t live in your neighborhood.
  • Animated History: Time-lapse movies of weather activity in your area will tell you where storms have been, where they are going and when it is safe to sound the all-clear.
  • Collaboration Tools: When you use Weather Defender, you are joining a community of thousands of individuals who share similar interests and concerns. “Team Tools” in Weather Defender enable you to chat and interact with other users in real-time. With Team Tools, you can learn more about an approaching storm system than raw weather data will tell you.
  • Customizable User Interface: The Weather Defender interface can be fully customized to suit your viewing preference. There are hundreds of options to ensure you can view what matters most to you.
  • GPS Integration: For frequent travelers, Weather Defender integrates with GPS and plots your real-time position as you move, giving you precise weather information in relation to your exact location.
  • GIS Import: GIS professionals will appreciate the ability to import external GIS data into your Weather Defender map, customizing the appearance with landmarks and other features to aid in weather-tracking and decision making.


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