iGooMap 1.8.3

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With iGooMap, you can automatically create XML Sitemaps conforming to the protocol, upload to your server and notify all search engines supporting sitemaps. iGooMap will help you to improve your site’s visibility in search results and might even help you to diagnose problems.


  • Easy handling, just enter the URL of your web site.
  • You can scan multiple web sites at once.
  • Scanning of sites created with iWeb and upload to your iDisk.
  • Automatically apply defaults for priority, change frequency and date modified.
  • Ability to pause and continue web site scans.
  • Respects your robots.txt file.
  • Exclude files or folders from scanning with filters.
  • You can set file extensions to be scanned and listed.
  • You can specify parameters to remove from each URL, like session IDs, to prevent redundant or incomplete crawling.
  • Only working URLs are included in the listing.
  • Shows you the rejected links while scanning and the corresponding reasons.
  • Import of an existing sitemap XML file or a text file containing URLs; either from local files or from your server.
  • Edit the settings of scanned or imported URLs easily in the list.
  • Add, remove or edit the URLs listed individually or in batch.
  • Apply URL settings like priority by importing from an existing sitemap.
  • Save each sitemap configuration in a document for easy maintenance.
  • Export as sitemap XML file or URL listing.
  • Generates Sitemaps conforming to the XML Sitemap protocol standard.
  • Integrated FTP, SFTP and iDisk sitemap upload to your server.
  • Automatic search engine notifications. (Google, Yahoo!, Ask.com, Bing.com and Moreover.com).

What’s New in this Version

  • Overall improved stability and some minor bugs fixed.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later


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