IWeb Buddy 1.5 Beta 10

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iWeb Buddy 1.5 Beta 10

iWeb offers the ability to add as many sites as you want but it does not offer a way to separate these sites into their own files.  Therefore if you have one site you wish to publish to .mac and another you want to host on your own server you are limited to publishing both to .mac and then moving one of them back.  However, iWeb Buddy allows you to have as many iWeb files as you want.  You can now organize your websites any way that you wish!

iWeb only puts the RSS feed links on the top page of each blog and/or podcast.  Unfortunately this makes it very hard for your site visitors to find the feed and add it to their feed tracker.  In addition, these rss feeds do not have any statistical tracking attached to them.

iWeb Buddy solves both of these issues.  First, iWeb Buddy will go into each entry of the blog and/or podcast and add the appropriate rss feed links so that no matter where in your blog your readers are they can link to your feed.

iWeb Buddy will also redirect these links to your preferred feed tracking site like Feed Burner.  This will allow you to follow all of the traffic that your blog or podcast is generating.


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