ProteMac Meter 3.2

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ProteMac Meter

ProteMac Meter is a network traffic logger. It monitors and records all Internet and network activity on your Mac computers. ProteMac Meter is essential for maintaining a safe network and diagnosing network and Internet connections and speeds. Meter’s easy to read network traffic details make reporting a snap. Internet and network speeds can be an issue, particularly in a business situation. With more and more audio and video being sent and received over the Internet and across networks, interruptions in activity or reduced transmission speeds can be a problem. ProteMac Meter can pinpoint which programs may be causing the problems. Meter can even signal an alarm when a specified bandwidth or traffic volume is reached. With that information you will be able to adjust on the fly, prevent interruptions and never lose a transmission. With ProteMac Meter’s comprehensive monitoring and logging, plus the user-friendly interface, and easy to read statistics even an inexperienced user can benefit. Protect the security of your Mac, monitor your Internet speeds and maintain a record of your network and Internet traffic.

Features of ProteMac Meter

* Displays real time network traffic usage
* Displays real time network traffic summary
* Displays real time network speed
* Graphical network traffic details
* Numerical network traffic details
* Creates a log of each connection session
* Records start/stop time, application, remote address/port, total transferred bytes and average speed
* Generates network traffic statistics reports
* Monitors multiple network connection interfaces
* View statistics by summary, or in daily, weekly or monthly formats
* Alarms for traffic volume, application usage, bandwidth amount or time
* Stopwatch to time downloads and transfer rates
* User-friendly intuitive interface


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