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Rage SERank 2.0.3

RAGE SERank monitors search engine rankings for any number of keywords and display changes in a web site’s search engine rankings over any point of time. Over 90% of your customers are using search engines regularly to quickly find the products and information they are interested in.

Tracking and maintaining where your website and the website of your competitors appear in search engines is vital to the success of your company. RAGE SERank lets you quickly see and compare where and when your website is appearing in over 100 search engines for the keywords your customers are searching.

With RAGE SERank you can quickly see where your website appears for 100’s of keywords in just minutes and which of your competitors are stealing your customers because they are outranking you for your important keywords.


  • Shows you exactly where your website ranks in over 100 search engines world-wide
  • Checks up to 1000 search results
  • Human emulation option makes sure search engines can’t tell the different between SERank and a normal user
  • Find out which one of your competitors are outranking you for important keywords
  • Compare and contrast how your search engine rankings have changed over time
  • Quickly find your best and worst ranking keywords so you can focus your attention on where you need improvement
  • Track how changes to your website and marketing efforts effect your search engine ranking
  • Use powerful built in filters to help narrow down and organize your ranking information for 100’s of important keywords
  • Generate fully customized PDF reports for your clients, boss, or colleagues in seconds
  • Easily integrates with RAGE Domainer so you can quickly see SEO statistics for all your websites


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