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Socialite 1.0

Socialite is a beautiful Mac OS X application, designed to make it easy to stay in touch with the social networks and services that matter to you. From news on Digg, photos on Flickr, statuses and photos on Facebook and Twitter updates, to full Google Reader RSS syncing, Socialite keeps all your social networks in one convenient place.

Facebook Built-In

Socialite also allows you to sign into your Facebook account, view your friends’ status updates, conversations and photos, as well as upload photos to your Facebook albums.

Feed-reading Heaven

Socialite is designed to be your one-stop shop for news, and the full support for Google Reader (and its sharing services) makes it easy to keep on top of your RSS feeds. Right from within Socialite you can browse your most recent unread articles, share and star articles as you read them.

If you use the shared items in Google Reader, you’ll love the options within Socialite. On top of sharing articles to those who follow you on Google Reader, you can view your friends’ recently-shared articles and – if you’ve added a Twitter account to Socialite – easily post RSS links to the Twitter account of your choice right from inside the application.
Beyond Google Reader

If you don’t use Google Reader don’t worry: you can use Socialite’s alternative RSS service. The RSS service allows you to easily subscribe to feeds on your Mac – complete with all the options to share items with any other services you’ve added to the application.

Tweet Away

Socialite knows all about Twitter: and allows you to add as many different Twitter accounts as you want.
On top of the usual Twitter feature set we’ve also built in some of the most recent Twitter additions for your tweeting pleasure: Lists and all-new Retweets. Socialite displays retweets inline, clearly identified along with the name of the poster, and keeps all the Lists you’ve created in your sidebar for easy browsing.

There’s also the handy ‘Profile Peeks’ that you can add to your sidebar to keep track of people on Twitter without having to follow them.


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