URL Extractor X 3.0.1

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URL Extractor X 3.0.1

The Cocoa application to extract emails address and URLs from the web , search engines and from files. It can start form a single web page and navigate all the link inside looking for email or url to extract and save all on the user HD. Allows the user to specify a list of web pages used as navigation starting point and going to other web pages using cross navigation. It can start form keywords, search on search engines and cross navigate on the found web sites to extract urls and emails addresses.

The user can indicate a list of keywords and Url Extractor will do all the work unattended querying search engines and navigating on related web pages, all with on click only at the start, all the rest is automatically performed. Can navigate for hours, without user interaction in web extraction mode, and extract all the url it finds in all the web pages it surfs unattended. Many more features.


  • Can extract also from multiple file inside a folder, to any level of nesting (also thousand and thousand of files)
  • Can extract directly from the web cross navigating web pages in background. No user action required!
  • Use search engine keywords to retriwe web pages and start cross navigation extraction of url on the web
  • Google extration available now and more search engine extraction coming soon
  • A table shows live url collection
  • Extract web address, ftp address, email address, feed, telnet, local file url, news and generic emails
  • Drag and Drop of files to process
  • Uses the last cocoa multi threading technology, no legacy code inside.
  • Uses a separate threading for extraction process and web navigation, no freeze during extraction, even on heavy tasks!
  • Option for single domain extraction

New in this Version:

  • More preference options
  • Bug fix regarding search string containing special characters
  • Bug fix in some interface management
  • Bug fix in license dialog
  • New user guide on disk


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