Action Lists 2.2

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Action Lists 2.2

Action Lists is a task manager based on the Getting Things Done system created by David Allen. Action Lists harnesses the power of the GTD system with an easy to use interface that makes it fast to access the information you need when you need it. Your inbox, action lists (or "context lists"), and projects are literally at your fingertips.

Action Lists makes it easy to manage all of your non-calendar GTD activities. You can quickly capture tasks and place them in your Inbox for later processing. After processing, a task can be tagged as a "next action" that you are committed to complete, an item for your Someday list that you may (or may not) get around to in the future, or an item for your Waiting list which contains items that cannot be completed until someone else takes action. Your next actions can be assigned a context (a category like "phone calls", "errands", or "email"), and can be grouped into projects — all through your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Action Lists will also optionally synchronize over the air with your Toodledo account. (Creating an account with Toodledo is free.) Through Toodledo, the tasks that you enter into Action Lists can be viewed, modified, completed and shared with others. And if you prefer to enter your tasks using a full keyboard and your computer, tasks entered into Toodledo can be synchronized back to Action Lists so that they are always at your fingertips, whether in a business meeting with Internet connectivity, or on a flight with your device in Airplane Mode.

All lists in Action Lists can be individually sorted. Want to keep your Someday list sorted alphabetically, your Action Lists sorted by due date, and your Projects sorted manually? No problem.

Create repeating tasks that are automatically created in the future on a schedule that you define. Create tasks that recur every Monday, the last Tuesday of every month, or every three months. Never forget trash day or that furnace filter again!

Text notes can be attached to tasks. Task notes allow you to give additional reminders about the task, or jot down related ideas as they occur to you. Email addresses, web addresses, and telephone numbers in these notes are displayed as hyperlinks that can be clicked to open Mail, Safari, or the Phone as appropriate.




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