Burp Speak 1.0

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iphone and ipod

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Burp Speak 1.0

Burp Speak allows you to select words and add them into sentences before pressing play to hear the sentence played back in REAL burps. Each word has been burped and recorded for this application.We have tried to include a wide range of words for the application to begin with but are well aware that updates will be needed as users request further words to be added. Please request your words here and we will add them ALL into next updates.

BurpSpeak is a burp application that is VERY different from the others.

WHY? Because BurpSpeak is the first application to allow you to select your words to form sentences and have it spoken back using genuine burps.

Imagine how your partner will react when you tell her that you love her using burps!! Yep, Score.

Imagine burping your order at a restaurant or takeaway!

Imagine being able to reply to an annoying person using only burps and play them at their own game! With BurpSpeak this is a VERY simple task to pull off.

Select your words and form your sentence then simply press play to hear the entire sentence spoken back using 100% genuine burps.

Every single one of the words burped in our app is a 100% genuine burp from our team and especially created for this application.



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