Froddle Pod 1.01

3.1 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp
iphone and ipod

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Froddle Pod

The Froddle Pod was designed to be an iPod Manager. Is feature rich, easy to use and simple to navigate. It has many of the same features as iTunes and other iPod managers but also includes many extras. Folder Pod is a professional security tool for protecting valuable data on your computer. Password-protect and hide folders, files, hard drives and prevent access. We combine data hiding and strong encryption for maximum security.

Features of Froddle Pod

  • Copy music and videos directly to your iPod through an intuitive file browser interface
  • Copy music and videos from your iPod to your PC or other storage medium
  • Synchronize your iPod with a folder Backup everything on your iPod to another storage medium (eg. your hard drive)
  • Restore a previous backup Delete media from your iPod Format your iPod (completing erasing it’s contents)
  • Rip audio from a CD to MP3’s ready to be transfered to your iPod
  • Convert wave files to MP3’s ready to be transferred to your iPod
  • Music normalization. Makes audio the same volume to the human ear. No more having to adjust the volume control on your iPod for each individual song.



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