iPlayAnywhere for iTunes 7.1

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iPlayAnywhere for iTunes 7.1

iPlayAnywhere securely access and play your iTunes Music Library from anywhere using any web browser. Support includes the major browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera and mobile support for the iPhone via the iPlayAnywhere app or the iPhone Safari browser. It’s as easy as installing iPlayAnywhere for iTunes on your PC, sending an email invitation to someone, then clicking a link in the email to access and play remotely.


  • Support for radio streams in playlists. Can now copy and add iTunes radio stream links to a playlist and have them played in iPlayAnywhere for iTunes and iPlayAnywhere for the iPhone.
  • New caching and auto refresh options.
  • Can add My Pictures, My Documents, My Web Documents and Other Stuff lists to the bottom of your iPlayAnywhere information.
  • When you use with your iPhone you can use the iPlayAnywhere iPhone app or the iPhone Safari browser. If you are using the iPhone Safari browser you will get a mobile web page optimized for the iPhone mobile capabilities

Special considerations:

  • Use with a Router/Firewall – things to know if you are using a Router and/or Firewall and how to make sure you have Internet access to the iPlayAnywhere web server.
  • Security and the User Manager for managing user names and groups for secure sign in access. Also lists signed in users which can be selectively signed off from the PC. User can signout from the web pages.
  • Email Manager for managing invitation email addresses. Also the email addresses can be used by the Security Manager as user names.
  • Special options for program startup. The user is now prompted on program startup asking whether to re-scan the iTunes Music Library or not. A new -noinit
  • option has also been added to turn off automatic re-scanning. A -silent option is used when scheduling iPlayAnywhere to run in th background when Windows starts up.


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